Friday, June 08, 2007

A Wasted Day

NB This has nothing to do with being a) drunk b) a drunk.

We were going out. I was dressed. Wifey was making herself look pretty(err). I made a phone call.

Me: Dear BOC. Why are you so crap at delivering oxygen to my wife?

BOC: I'm sorry. Again. He came on Wednesday. Even though he has a key he did not use it for he is not allowed.

Me: Then what is the point of him having it?

BOC: Err....He'll be coming today.

And so we waited in.....and waited....still he's not here. It's lovely outside. We were going to B&Q but I was to surprise the wife with a visit to the pub luncheon department. We wait...


Mr.D. said...

It's clearly been a long time since I was last in B&Q if they've started serving beer and grub?

Jamie Starbuck said...

Indeed. Our local store has it's own brewery and Real Ale on tap. These are the joys of living in country bumpkin land.

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