Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Princess Die

Channel 4 are apparently screening a documentary tonight and may, shock! horror! be showing pictures of the car that carried our beloved Princess Di toward her certain crushing end. There is a furore. And the question is: who really gives a toss? I challenge everyone who does to leave a comment. Lack of comments will of course vindicate this post.

Harry and Willy have requested the photos not be shown. And Channel 4 are ignoring them. Respectfully, of course. The question is being asked on the news that if it was the boss of C4's mother in the car, would he still show the pictures? Is his mother the Queen of Tarts? Is she in the nations hearts? Is, in fact, his mother the only female personality with a bigger place reserved in Heaven ie Mother Theresa? No, I don't belive she is.

I wouldn't mind my mother being shown in this program but then my mothers a bitch and I wouldn't mind her being dragged by the ankles behind a Shire Horse with diarhoea. Channel 4 are presumably a veritible cock-a-hoop at the thought of all the publicity and the swarms of viewers. I propose a compromise: they can show it and no-one watches. Ideal.


Mr.D. said...



You really don't like your ma, do you?

(up to 8/30 WV letters, I see...?)

Elizabeth said...

I never liked Di, but I did like my mom.

Daily Referendum said...

I don't care about Di, I don't care that they are showing the crash, but I do care that I have to share oxygen with idiots that want to see it.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for evil scum like the author of this blog.

Anonymous said...

You do not deserve to have a mother. She loved you no matter what you did or said about her, you complete and utter waste of a life and total evil scumbag

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