Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On sticking with it.

I went out last night. I went out with 'Ben' my penis with a personality of a brother-in-law. I had been foisted into things as his companion to go see Paul Weller at the local village hall. I wasn't really bothered about it but tagged along. During the course of the evening I had more beer than I'd drank in the last two years IE two pints. I was a little...smashed. Well, that made the evening fly by. Until we got in the venue anyway. We stood waiting for an hour before the support came on (Brinkman - have you ever seen a decent support act? Me neither. Even when going to see Kylie - three times and counting - you'd think Kylie could have Sugababes! I'd like a Sugababe. Just one; I'm not greedy.). Well, Mr Weller came bounding on and didn't stop bounding for 90 minutes. I hope to have as much energy when I'm the same age. He also friggin' rocked, man. I only recognised four songs but still.

I write this, as I really need a pee and wanted to see how far I could go without having to divert off. As it turns out, quite a way.

As an aside it turns out 'Ben' shouldn't have gone to the pub. 'Kate' was a little peeved. He only had two pints you stroppy, immature bint! Jeez. If only you knew he lived with you 'for convenience'; that he thinks you're a bitch (which you are) and he's massively bored. Still, you keep on moaning, love.


Mr.D. said...

Weller is GOD.

End of.

Wonder Woman said...

Ooo Jamie - tell me more!! Why convenience, go on, be a girl and dish the goss!

Jamie Starbuck said...

Ms Woman: You should have read my blog months ago. All was suitably explained in terrifying detail. Suffice to say he is with child, in debt and up an effluence laden creek without a rowing appendage. If he were to leave Jen, sorry 'Kate', he'd have no home, lose access to the brat wading neck deep.

O' course, by staying he's living in a simulated land of demonic companionship. Waddya do?

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