Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shopping? Pah!

Regular readers may realise that my wife has a terminal illness although 'terminal' is stretching things when there's no imminent departure planned. 'Terminal' in this sense means she'll die because of her condition - eventually. She could still live, in theory, until her eighties. Her specific disease is highly unpredictable and very erratic in it's prognosis.

Although the terminal nature of her condition is obviously a bad thing, it has it's advantages. Because of it we were able to convince the council to pay me to care for her via the 'Direct Payments' system. This money is supposed to be used to pay for the sort of things you can normally get from the council: bath chairs, hoists etc.

We found out not long ago that it also pays for you to get the shopping delivered from Tesco. Or Asda. Or even Sainsbury's. We live in hope that M&S get their online act together. The thinking is that while I'd be shopping, I wouldn't actually be caring. I love this mentality. The wife spends the time doing the shopping; I spend the effort putting it away. Perfect synergy.

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Anonymous said...

I too have pulmonary hypertension. I live in the USA and it seems no one has heard of it. They question why I am so young and park in the handicap place. I was 23yrs old when the doctors told me. I feel your wifes pain. I am a class3 in the PH.Luckily they have medicine that seems to give me a few more years with my husband. I pray for you and your family. And even with us knowing we could die tomarrow there is always hope.
God Bless,

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