Sunday, May 06, 2007

No readership?

As no-one has replied to my previous post, am I to take it I have no readers whatsoever? Am I just writing for me, to me? Maybe if I were to stop writing self-indulgent posts like this one...

I read something the other day that suggests self-publicising your blog is a bad thing - how else would you know about my words of wisdom? Silly Biffo.

Here comes the beast again.


Wonder Woman said...

Aw don't get disheartened! Although i haven't commented before, I'm a lurker! I check your blog everyday! Keep up the good work

Jamie Starbuck said...


Thank you! Nice comments are a wonder to behold. Erm...No pun intended.

Chip Dale said...

Yes, comments are wonderful but it doesn't mean nobody is reading when you don't get them. I feel the same sometimes. When nobody leaves a comment it's as though people don't care.

Well, it doesn't mean people don't care. It means people don't care about you or me. Which is much more reassuring, don't you think?

Anyway, keep on blogging and remember that there's always chance that I'll drop by again and demand immediate satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Chip - I hope by now you realise this man is pure evil.

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