Monday, May 28, 2007

The kidnapped

Let's take two minutes to think about dear sweet Madeleine and Alan Johnston, both kidnapped without ransom.


One minute


Bored now.

Given they're still missing is it really possible they'll be recovered alive and whole? Whole in this instance meaning mental as well as physical. It's highly possible in my opinion that dear sweet freaky eyed Mads has been taken a paedophile ring (one for the Google searches there) and put to work on...well, lets not think about that.

At what point do you give up hope and carry on with your lives? It was highly publicised that Madeleine's parents were staying in Portugal to search for her. Of course they were! What the frig else were they going to do? Come back to the UK and continue their jobs, sitting there hoping for the phone to ring? How long can they look realistically look for? Especially when it's been speculated that she could be in the middle of Africa by now.

As for Alan Johnston...held in the middle-east, a place well known for it's hospitality, with no word since his capture - what were his captors hoping to achieve other than killing him? There's been no ransom so it's not money. They've not announced a particular group has got him so it's not notoriety. Perhaps he too has been sold into porn. It's far more likely than he's still alive.

I'm not sure what I'd be thinking if someone I loved were to be taken in the dead of night. I'd probably start at 'bugger' (which incidentally is banned on the SFX forum for it's sexual connection - a thoroughly ludicrous suggestion) and move on to Rambo. Or so I',d like to think.


Mr.D. said...

As a dad meself, perversely you've got to hope that the girl has, indeed, been killed.

At least that way she wouldn't be undergoing unspeakable horrors somewhere until she'd 'served her purpose'

Magic Bellybutton said...

Oh god yes. The other options are just too horrendous to contemplate.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm ......

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