Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Don't Have Time For Facebook

Aah, the good old days. In them days I read books. I talked to my wife (if she was lucky). I listened to music. I trawled the Internet. 'These' days though I go on just the one: Facebook. It has to stop.

It's taking over my life. I have four games of Scrabble on the go. I have a vampire, a zombie and a slayer. I take tests (Tests?? Not done that since I was eighteen!). I read groups.

I don't have time to contact the people I joined the site for!

I need a plan. I need to set a certain amount of time aside for Facebooking and stick to it. Except my wife will demand I have my turn at Scrabble. I'll get an email telling me someone's left me a message. There's a statistic that says 90% of Internet traffic is videos via Youtube or torrents. This is incorrect. It's actually the millions of Facebook owners pressing F5. I understand now why Facebook is hated by employers. It should be banned. I'm planning on petitioning my MP to raise the issue in Parliament. I wonder if he's got his own page....


Mosher said...

I'm running the IT for a handful of skiing resorts in France this year. The word has just come through that I have to block Facebook on all company PCs and routers.

The uproar! It's not even my fault! I'm trying to suss a way where I can give restricted (timed) access, but the Powers That Be apparently want it blitzed completely - allegedly because of a comment a (now ex-) employee made about the company on their Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

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