Monday, July 02, 2007

Stupid Boy(s)

See that there terrorist that attacked Glasgow Airport? He was a doctor, he was. Isn't it a prerequisite that doctors have to have brains? Shouldn't his intelligence have at some point asserted itself in the form of the thought "hold on, what I'm about to do is monumentally fucking evil and stupid"?

But then, terrorists, or freedom fighters depending on your viewpoint - let's not forget Che, the original celebrity terrorist, is beloved by students everywhere - are stupid in general.

Play Pick-A-Target. Almost anywhere would be better than half the places these people come up with. Central London? Dya think they might be expecting that sort of thing? Much? Here in Plymouth we have the largest naval base in Europe and yet not a single incident happens. CND don't even demonstrate here. Drive past the base and there's an old fart on guard reading the Sun and smoking a fag. Half the time the barrier isn't even down.

Or hows about sending a one man army AKA Jimmy Suicide Bomber to a football match? Stand in amongst all those fans and KABOOM! Up goes half of the supporters for Plymouth Argyle.

Or walk around a car park, a tiny bit of dynamite per car, you could blow up thousands of the things without being caught. All those angry owners would soon lobby Parliament to pull out of Iraq or your country of preference (perhaps a handy note left under the windscreen wiper?).

But no, let's (mostly) attack the highly defended places in the country where the police and Fire Brigade practice daily for just these things. Stupid.

NB Previously you could walk into Plymouth Airport and onto the runway almost unhindered.

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Anonymous said...

Norman Tebbit was RIGHT when he talked about his Cricket Test.

What Cricket has to do with this terrorist plot.

As early as 16 years ago, Lord Norman Tebbit, a British politician expressed his concerns about the increasing numbers of British Citizens that identified with a foreign nationality more than their British citizenship.

An example he gave was what he saw at a cricket match in Great Britain between their national team and that of Pakistan. He saw a great number of British citizens of Pakistani descent rooting not for England but for Pakistan. And they weren't all naturalized first generation British citizens, but third and fourth generations as well.

How, he wondered, can these people be considered British citizens and take part of the responsibilities of British citizenship, when they themselves don't even really think of themselves as British as indicated by them rooting for a foreign team instead their own national team?

And what are the consequences for British society of having a significant segment of its population that will not integrate itself into British Culture but instead identifies itself more with a foreign country than their own?

This "test" of British citizenship came to be known in England as the "Cricket Test" and as you can imagine was greeted with hostility and calls of racism from the Left.

But his concerns were unfortunately vindicated on July 7th, 2005 when "home grown" terrorists hit the London Underground subway system with suicide attacks

And now we have another terrorist plot which might have just included "home grown" terrorists in Great Britain.

Too bad people didn't listen to Lord Tebbit's concerns in 1990 instead of ridiculing his "Cricket Test".

Tebbit: 'Cricket test' could have stopped bombings

Tebbit attacks 'unreformed' Islam

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