Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Inventions that should be invented #2

Have you ever tried to give an animal a pill? It's a very tricky procedure. At one and the same time you have to hold all four legs, open it's mouth, hold it still and, balancing the pill on your finger, force your finger to the back of it's mouth, risking life, fingers and the possibility of losing various amounts of skin.

So, I propose this: a device for holding the animal still. It shall be called Parapet (Paralysed Pet obviously).

Imagine a mitre saw. There shall be four holes, two at the front two at the back into which the legs can be placed and they're all fixed into place, with struts between them. This shall all attach to a neck collar so the head can also stay still. And a horsey type bit to keep it's mouth open. If Peter Jones, entrepreneur extraordinaire, is reading, I'll let you have 20% in exchange for £250,000.


Anonymous said...

Someone also could invent meatballs with really great smell for dogs, so when you put the pill inside it, the dog will never know.

It also works without the incredible smell, but not for long. The dog usually figures it out with time...

I wonder if he'd be smart to figure out that one too?

Mr.D. said...

I want at least 40%.

P. Jones (Entr.)

Lizwc said...

If it's a cat, try grinding the pill up, mixing it with marmite and encouraging it to lick it up. Works with our cat every time. much easier than attempting to get the pill to go down his throat before he bites off my hand.

Anonymous said...

Lizwc, I hope by now you realise this man is completely EVIL :(

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