Monday, July 30, 2007

On Boredom

Gawd I'm fickle. I can spend days on this laptop doing absolutely nothing - where the fuck does the time go? It's the same with XBOX - I bought one and spent days (which seemed like five minutes just tossing time out the window trying to increase my power meter just one more notch.

But now I can't be arsed. I can't be arsed about a lot of things lately. I'm just so - meh. Lifeless even. See that film Trainspotting with Renton with the scene featuring Renton in the pub being clean for a change and life whizzes past? That's me that is. Content to sit and do nothing. Except, at the same time I feel I'm wasting my life. Shouldn't I be doing something worthwhile? Is there a whale somewhere that needs saving?

When I left school I was a cock. But that's irrelevant. I had one career option in mind: something to do with computers. Hmm. Bit of a wide span of options there. I just couldn't narrow them down. Programmer? Too boring. Office worker? Maybe generic enough to warrant a 'yes'. And that's as big as my list got. You see, 'ambition' wasn't in my vernacular. It's not that I don't like my current vocation. Caring for my wife enables me to perform the one thing I'm actually good at - slobbing. (Talent! Another thing I lack. I excel in being not very good at pretty much everything).

So, if anyone has good ideas of how I can make proper use of my copious amounts of spare time and you think I may enjoy it as much as watching series' of TV programs and reading the latest Sci-Fi opus, let me know. Please.


Wonder Woman said...

So Jamie. You like reading sci-fi. Ever thought about writing it? Just think, you can spend hours just sitting there thinking up plot lines, then, when you feel like it, you can put it down on paper. Or computer. Whatever.

Jamie Starbuck said...

I've tried. Often. I can do a few paragraphs, even a few pages but then my mind wanders and I just...ooh, trucks.

Wonder Woman said...

Seen Transformers yet?

Anonymous said...

This entire blog is a joke (albeit not a very funny one). I'm in disbelief that somebody could go travelling like this with absolutely no conscience about the evil he has committed.

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