Thursday, September 22, 2011

A toilet dilemma

Mmm, India.

I was Ill. I've told you that before. I couldn't go more than a few hours away from the toilet. But I was timing it well.

We'd been away from the hotel awhile visiting a temple. It was a 2 hour bus journey back. Before I got on that hellhole of a bus I'd have to go to the toilet. A public toilet. In india. Quite how I'd gone so long avoiding this I don't know. But this time I had no choice. I was touching cloth. The turtles head was popping out. There was a flood and no Dutch boy with a handy finger.

There were six cubicles in a very tight corridor. The smell just in the corridor was...'interesting'. I straightaway had to go back outside for a bigger lungful of air.

Cubicle 1 - a dude was in there. Well, in the doorway. Just pissing into the cubicle and none of it was landing in the hole.

Cubicle 2 - sheets, paper, general crap, all stuffed down the hole.

Cubicle 3 - 5 cms of urine deep.....

Cubicle 4 (desperate now!) - Shit. On. Every. Visible. Surface. How did they get it on the fucking ceiling??

Cubicle 5 - not too bad considering. I could come back depending on 6.

Cubicle 6 - words, fail, me.

So, back to 5. I carry a plastic bag with me always for squat toilets. I've never managed to work out how not to get your clothes dirty with your own crap, so off comes everything and into the bag. I also carry loo because the chances of you finding any in the wild are minimal.

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