Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A love letter to a dude on the Internet

AKA Have I Mouth Raped A Kitten?

Hey @Whiskeyrich off of Twitter.

I enjoyed our chats and links we swapped. You're a nice guy; so much so that I even told you in a DM a few weeks ago. That's why it came as such a shock when I found out you'd blocked me.

Not just an unfollow. I can live with that; I'm not that insecure and I really don't care who doesn't want to follow me. I get bored of people all the time and unfollow at least one person everyday, even people we both know. I have very a low tolerance as you know. I wouldn't stop them following me though. Each to their own. If you'd grown tired of my random shit, and there is a lot of it I know, you could've just unfollowed. But you didn't. You blocked me. Why, Rich?

It just so happens I noticed it on the day I did something shameful. Was it that, Rich? I didn't know you followed her to be honest. Without you stalking my timeline it's difficult to see how you'd known I'd said it. It was a joke that she took in the spirit that it was intended, thank god, but I apologized straight away all the same. Not just to her but my entire timeline. It was inexcusable and I was ashamed to have said it. But it was a joke. You know that. My humor cuts close to the bone most days. It's not like I've had a sudden change of heart. It's not like I tweet racist shit everyday.

I'd just like to know the why, Rich. Two things spring to mind that smell a little bit of hypocrisy to be honest:

1) a few weeks ago you complained that one of our mutual acquaintances had blocked you for, you presumed, a joke you'd made. Isn't the same thing?

2) you haven't blocked me from your other account where you make things. Is that because yku still expect me to retweet and/or praise you? I will because I'm not vindictive (in this case) and they are pretty good. But you either detest my guts or you don't.

Which is it, Rich? And why?

All the best


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