Friday, June 24, 2011

A travelling fashion icon

I've been travelling for awhile now. Unfortunately so has everything I have with me. Entropy is taking it's toll. Things are breaking. I lose lots and break more.

Allow me to describe what I currently look like:

I've had to buy some replacement bootlaces as they broke this morning. I have very cool grey boots. With bright white laces that you'd get with Trainers. They're nowhere near long enough so they're only laced half way.

I dropped my head shaver a few weeks ago. But it survived! Hurrah! Or it dud once I'd dodgy fixed it. Except, they have dodgy plugs in Africa so I've not been able to charge it. My beard was quite impressive until this morning when j finally found the correct combination of plug and socket and converter. It was on charge for awhile so I shaved my beard and head. It ran out half way through my head. Call me 'Patch'.

I'm having washing done today so I'm wearing an Indian top bought in India that no indian would ever wear.

And somehow I've lost a pair of shorts so I've lopped the bottom off some trousers. Needlework was never my strong point.

I'm looking more and more like the classic and legendary traveller.

Question of the day: what came first - electricity or the need for electricity? When was the lightbulb invented for instance? It's hard to
Imagine them being invented when we didn't have 'leccy but if only 10 have been sold how did they get power? Who'd build a power station for 10 light bulbs?

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Anonymous said...

Lol I don't know why but I do find your blogs rather entertaining !! Keep them coming !

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