Monday, April 09, 2007

Inventions that need to be invented #1

Forget about flying cars, forget about Star Wars type Speeders, forget even about those anti-gravity barge type things in Star Trek: TNG. The perfect use for this technology is a floating washing basket.

How many times have you done for your back when pegging out clothes? Up, down, up, down, getting some potentially very heavy towels. I'd buy one of these tomorrow if I could. If anyone is on the verge of production and is looking for an investor my email address is over there ---->


Anonymous said...

damn straight big guy! the wife has a bad back so i constantly have to carry the damned washing basket for her. sick of it i tells ya!


Anonymous said...

dah you are so dumb it is not possible to invent a friken floating washing basket why dont you stop complaining and just carry the basket or bend a little bit in plus you can just put the basket on a table and not have to bend

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