Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Anger Management

I've never been one to get my ire raised easily; I'm a chilly kinda person, I hang with the 'bros and am calmer than Robin Knox-Johnston at sea. But my wife....oh dear. She is the one and only person able to do this to me. A wrong word here, even a sly glance there and faster than a fireman in a flame my tempertaure rises and my steam kettle goes BANG!

This was my downfall yesterday. Small are the arguments we have but they escalate. Massively. See, I don't see the point in arguing. It doesn't get you anywhere, it certainly doesn't make you feel any better. In fact it just serves to create bad atmosphere and increases the things for you to argue about next time. So most of the time my wife argues and I just sit there saying "Yes, dear" which of course makes her even more irate (but I can't help that). It's only three hours later when she's still going on and basically repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again that I start to get annoyed and that's mainly because I'm bored. So I'll retaliate at which point the argument shifts emphasis and what I've just said is suddenly what the argument has been about all along.

Well yesterday I lost it. Under the sofa and sewn into the lining type lost. I stormed over to her, put her wheelchair in freewheel (to no insignificant possible harm to my fingers I must say (ever tried putting your fingers between the spokes of a moving wheel?) and pushed it into the corner. There she sat for a bit until she calmed down. After she'd vented massively at the indgnity of what I'd just done obviously. Eventually, with a bit of help from our old friend Asthma, she'd managed to work up enough courage to apologise. After a bit of crying she even managed to raise a smile. Now, I asked her, was it really worth arguing about wether the cat wanted to go out in the night? I think it's clear who was in the right.

So, dear non-existant reader, what things have you been right about in the past which others failed to see?

NB: Part of this post was made up. Only part, mind.

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