Monday, July 11, 2011

Your child is weak

Do you have children? Do you love then? Care for them? Give them hugs and kindness? When they fall over do you rush to them hushing their precious little cries?

You're ruining them.

And I'll tell you why. It engenders weakness. They'll cry because mummy is going to come running. It's just for attention. Very rarely will they be dying from their fall. Only occassiobaly will your ministrations make the slightest difference to your miserable little shit.

Evidence of this is the world over. I've seen kids fall from great heights, get up and run off. Thecequivaleng English kid would be roaring. I would've. But everyone else has far better things to worry about. Got a bruise? Oooh. I'll just tend my untreated broken leg over here shall I? See these eyes? I'm blind. That's a condition, boy.

Got food poisoning? I haven't had a solid shit for years. Stunned your toe? I chopped my arm off with a machete and still hoe a field for 14 hours a day.

It's all about perspective. Given the right training the average asian could take over the world. With 3 fewer limbs than you.

Jamie Starbuck

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