Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A choice

Option A

Have a job, a mortgage and live your life watching TV, reading books and have a long, stressful life.

Option B

Sell your house for the proceeds, buy a pushbike and a tent, and go travelling until the money runs out at which point you find yourself at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Having lived a life of adventure, doing something fulfilling, you throw yourself off the edge.

What do you choose?


TOR Hershman said...

Both transpire and end in totally meaninglessness.

Stay (or don't) on Groovin' Safari,

Sharyn said...

I am Option A, but without the TV!
My life has been so much better since we decided to do without it - NO ADVERTS and NO FLY-ON-THE-WALL DOCS!!!! it has given me more time to spend with my man and I am getting pretty good at playing the guitar, now.
I would consider Option B if you replaced a messy death with something like a bank robbery.

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